Welbeck Land

About Us

The Welbeck Land group was founded in 1994, under the leadership of Alistair Watson. It has developed a particular expertise and reputation for unlocking complex planning and funding situations, to maximise potential. Welbeck Land today comprises three operations. They have evolved to meet specific, niche market, sector requirements.
Welbeck Development Management (WDM) works with investors and/or landowners, to undertake commercial and residential development, mainly but not exclusively in London and the South East of England. We are in our 22nd successful year, as specialist ‘niche’ developers, and have delivered projects worth over £2bn.
Welbeck Strategic Land (WSL) forms partnerships with landowners throughout the UK, applies specialist planning expertise and meets all cost risk on taking prospective development sites through the planning process, to obtain sustainable residential consents, where possible. Welbeck’s team then oversees the sale, to housebuilders, to achieve optimum value for the landowner in the shortest possible time.
Welbeck MediCap provides development and long-term investment finance, as well development management, for new buildings, mainly for the public sector, for healthcare, education and related areas as well as for retirement village operators developing in joint venture with Welbeck.